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A unique Festival


The International Harp Festival of Occitania offers a unique formula in France: it combines live performance and pedagogy (Master Class, courses, conferences...).

The Master Classes are open to all, and the Festival offers the possibility for students from the Conservatories that are partners of our event to take part in concerts alongside renowned artists.

The harp remains a musical instrument unknown to the general public. Our Festival highlights it in all its forms (classical, Celtic, electric, etc.) and helps to develop the relationship to the musical works thanks to the various interpretations offered by the musicians.

The Festival opens new horizons by inviting contemporary composers, and thus contributes to the evolution of the aesthetics from the harp repertoire and its technical possibilities.

Also participating in the Festival are various instrumentalists (flute, violin, cello, vocals, piano, guitar, cuatro, organ...) and artists from other fields (dance, visual arts, painting...).

By inviting artists from different countries (France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Singapore, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Algeria, etc.), the Festival is fully in line with this desire to go beyond borders.

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